Bard is a command-line tool that generates songbooks from Markdown sources.

In this book, you should find information on how to:

… and more.


Check out the example songbook to get a feel for what the output looks like:


The sources for the example project can be found here.

About The Project

The purpose of Bard is to make it quick & easy to create songbooks for people to sing & play from around campfires, in jam sessions and similar. It is a non-profit open-source project.

The source code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License (TL;DR). The default fonts used are Droid and Noto, under the Apache license.

Development happens in the open at GitHub.


Bard was created by Vojtěch Král with inspiration and help from Tvrz.

Code contributors: cotributors

Many thanks to the wonderful community at TeX Stack Exchange for always being there to help out with TeX issues.

Website front image by Joris Voeten.